Best time to travel to Iceland

best time to travel to see this surface
Lava Fields

Before I start telling you about the best time to travel to Iceland, let me give you a quick summary of the country. Iceland is a Nordic island nation in the north Atlantic and is exiguously populated. It’s most of the population lives in the capital city of Reykjavik, leaving rest of the country partially isolated.

Iceland is becoming so desirable these days due to its dramatic landscapes with volcanoes, geysers, crystal ice caves, massive glaciers, natural hot springs and lava fields. Reading so much about this country left me desperate and I planned my next trip to Iceland.

best time to travel to iceland

I won’t deny that I was afraid of traveling to such remote country, knowing that there will be nobody to help if something goes wrong? Like, what if my car breaks down and I meet that scary mutant from “Wrong Turn”, or if wildlings/white walkers attack me from “The North” and what if the place is haunted? Well, yes I love watching horror movies/web-series but I hate the aftereffects of those scary faces or scenes which stay with me forever to give me a nightmare.

This trip has completely changed my perception about Iceland and it turned out to be an unbelievable place on earth with the best travel experience of my life.

Table of content:

  • Iceland- The land of Ice & Fire
  • When is the best time to travel to Iceland
    • Spring season in Iceland
    • Summer season in Iceland
    • Autumn season in Iceland
    • Winter season in Iceland
  • My favorite month to visit Iceland
best time to travel to iceland

Iceland – The land of Ice & Fire

Iceland is the only destination which every traveler will recommend that you must travel for being one of it’s kind and lifetime experience for any individual. I know that some of you must have heard a lot about Iceland and it must be on the top of your bucket list. But, others are like entirely blank. Therefore, I will take you through the highlights of this unique land and will share with you when is the best time to travel to Iceland.

By the end of the blog, some of you might be planning your next trip to Iceland.

best time to travel to iceland

Renting a car and driving around the famous Ring Road in Iceland is most of the traveler’s dream. Although, if you want to travel in big groups then you can book a bus tour for yourself. It’s ok if you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible scenery without stressing about the routes, following maps and of course driving.

I personally like to explore on my own having the freedom to stop anywhere and eat anytime or should I say every time. In both the cases, Iceland is the perfect destination for seasoned traveler, first timer, solo traveler, adventurous couple or family looking for an epic road trip around a country.

When is the best time to travel to Iceland

Well, that’s really a difficult question to answer as each season has something unique to offer. The best time to visit Iceland truly depends on what do you want from your trip as it is the favorite destination of all travelers year-round for different reasons.

best time to travel for empty roads
Photo by Rory Hennessey on Unsplash

(April-May): Spring Season

Spring is the best time to travel to Iceland for many people. As winter weather is fading away and days are getting longer inviting nature lovers to view Iceland’s landscapes in full bloom.Winter storms, heavy snowfall and ice covered roads are no more dangerous. However, you can’t expect northern lights due to increased hours of sunlight.

Snow blizzard turns into partial rain, wind and occasional sunny day making the evenings brighter in these months.

best time to travel to iceland to see this colorful scenery

Best of spring

  • To see about 8 million Puffin birds
  • For snorkeling between continents (north American and Eurasian continental plates),
  • Fishing and golfing
  • Creating amazing backdrop with fields of purple wildflower
  • Enjoy waterfalls with icebergs melting into sea.
  • To attend Reykjavik Art Festival ­­

(June- August): Summer Season

In this season, spring invites summer to take over the place and make the country shines for almost 24 hours. No kidding, summer has peak sunlight with warm weather and famous midnight sun. As a result, you will find horses and sheep roaming freely and grass is vibrantly green and lush. Being the high season you can expect most crowded tourist attractions, overbooked hotels and higher prices for car rentals.

best time to travel to iceland

Iceland is more tourist friendly in summers with best driving conditions, longer days and opened shops till late .

Best of Summer

  • Cultural Festival (Menningarnott)
  • Whale watching
  • Witnessing midnight sun
  • Hiking & Camping
  • Puffin Spotting
  • Road Trips

(September- October): Autumn Season

It is the time to experience another planet on Earth. The autumn season has some kind of super natural power to change the Icelandic landscapes into unearthly color and texture. As weather gets cooler, flight and accommodation prices start to decline due to shorter daylight hours. Temperature begins to fall down slowly but the wind is stronger to make it feel colder than it really is.

People in Iceland are much lively to enjoy the film, art and music festival creating high vibes especially in theatres and cafes. Although, if you’re lucky you might experience the first snowfall of the year in October and if super lucky then you might spot the northern lights as well.

Best time for whale watching and tours are available from Reykjavik, Akureyri and Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Best of Autumn

  • Drive rugged and remote F-roads
  • Pick wild berries and mushroom
  • Halloween Festival
  • Enjoy outside natural Hot spring
  • Glacier Hiking &  Ice Climbing
  • Less tourists, more time to explore
  • Cheaper prices for hotels, flights and attractions
  • Northern lights start getting visible
  • World famous Iceland Airwaves
  • Reykjavik International film festival
  • Experience another planet (somewhat like Moon)

(November- March): Winter Season

winter is best time to travel to see frozen waterfall

In winters, Iceland is just Ice and snow as you can hardly see any other color or texture in the highlands. Some roads will be closed and you will keep getting storm alert on radio. Although, Iceland’s magical caves are safe to see and enter only during winters. The capital city Reykjavik is still better temperature wise than rest of the country. You can book tours from the capital city for glacier hiking, northern lights and other snow activities.

Winter season is not very safe for camping and for driving due to slippery icy roads.

The Sunlight is only for 4-6 hours (depending on the month). Many tourist attractions and camping grounds are closed. The locals prefer to stay indoors and avoid the harsh weather.

Best of Winter:

  • Blue Glacier Cave & Crystal Ice caves
  • Relax in the most Famous Blue Lagoon
  • Save money on flights, hotels and car rentals
  • Less sunlight means more northern lights
  • Fewer people i.e less tourists
  • More Snow Activities

My favorite month is October-Why?

best time to travel is oct for this view

As summer break is over and most of the tourists have gone which means cheaper prices, more privacy, best photography and picture perfect locations with no crowd in the background. Apart from that, I have a personal reason to plan most of my trips in October as it is my birthday month(Awww, I know right).

You can save a lot of money by visiting during this time.

Ever since I started traveling, I changed my birthday ritual from dining at some luxury/fancy restaurant to exploring a new country. And, I have a long birthday celebration there. Thankfully, I was born in October as it’s the best time to travel anywhere due to the perfect weather and festive season around the globe.

Whether it’s Iceland or any other country, travel is important for all of us. And, there are 5 reasons Why you must Travel that you can read to know more about it.

You can tell me what’s your favorite season and why in the comments.


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