12 Most Unique Destinations- to travel in your Lifetime

I know you must be thinking how could I pick only 13 unique destinations to travel, right? Don’t worry, you will get your answer soon. We all will agree on this that there are in-numerous beautiful, incredible and unique places in the world to travel. Trust me, it was so difficult for me to list down only 13 unique destinations to travel. But before you judge me, let me tell you that this list was created after thinking for days and nights. To give you an essence of the all different parts of the world, I decided to cover all the continents. However, I couldn’t include Antarctica for obvious reasons.

In this post, I have focused on some of the unique destinations to travel from different continents. To be fair, I decided to create different lists based on the themes of the individual places. Hence, you can expect more posts like this. To name a few, top adventurous places to visit, most romantic island destinations, best road-trip friendly countries, Budget travellers bucket list, and most charming cities in the world. So, let’s get started with these 13 most unique travel destinations to visit in your lifetime. The below list includes history, culture, nature, wildlife, coral reef and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

This post includes some of the world’s most incredible experiences which shouldn’t be missed by any traveler.

1 – Ring Road Trip in Iceland (Europe)


Iceland is one of the most unique travel destinations to travel. It is getting very popular lately for being the most remote country and best road trip destination in the world. The Ring Road or route 1 is almost a circular highway in Iceland. This route covers the entire country with breathtaking views of Icelandic landscapes. To know about the best time to travel to Iceland, check out my post here. I spent 10 most memorable days of my life in Iceland. And, I surprisingly enjoyed living in a campervan in Iceland’s extremely harsh weather.

Iceland is the one and only unearthly country on the planet. It has been benefiting NASA astronauts in their trainings for visiting Moon (due to its similarities). The northern lights, topography similar to Mars and Moon, in-numerous waterfalls, geysers, hot pools, extraordinary horses and Game of Thrones filming locations are some highlights of Iceland.

2 – Machu Picchu, Pero (South America)

machu picchu

The Inca trail is one of the 7 new wonders of the world and holds top position in traveler’s bucket list. Machu Picchu is a mysterious lost city in the Classic Inca and world’s most Iconic attraction. The 40 km trail in Peru is a lush green cloud forest and 4 days hiking route. Due to its narrow steep and Andean mountain paths, it is the most adventurous rugged mountain trail on Earth. This multi days hike definitely invokes a sense of fear, excitement and accomplishment after entering the sun gate. And the great Sunrise on 4th day between awe-inspiring mountain scenery and Sub-tropical jungle views is definitely worth a visit.

For more details on Machu Picchu, check out this post on Side Tracked Travel Blog.

3 – Cappadocia & Pamukkale, Turkey (Euro-Asia)


Cappadocia is an ancient cave city in Turkey and one of the unique places on Earth. This town looks like it was stolen from a whimsical fairytale (which are actually called “fairy chimneys”). These tall cone-shaped rock formations and honeycombed hills homes are from golden era and were carved into valleys. Cappadocia is most popular for its cave houses, underground cities, unbelievable landscapes and cave churches. A hot air balloon ride over this jaw dropping topography is an only way to see this place. This is one of the top Instagrammable places and an unforgettable experience.

Check out here for more detailed post on Cappadocia


Pamukkale is one of the most magical and unrealistic places in the world. I am sure that most of you have seen this picturesque locations in music videos or wallpapers. Pamukkale literally means “Cotton Castle” which is one of the best picturesque locations with its natural thermal pool terraces. I will share more about these places in my upcoming post. Frankly, Cappadocia and Pamukkale had been the driving force for my Turkey trip. That is why, I want you to include these two unique places to travel while visiting Turkey. Also, don’t miss my Istanbul itinerary for complete travel guide.

You can check here for more detailed posts on Pamukkale.

4 – Tokyo, Japan (EAST ASIA)


To be honest I have not been to Tokyo yet, but I have heard a lot about it from tourists and have read about it in every travel blogger’s posts and Tokyo is surely in my bucket list. From traditional culture to modern amenities in the capital city, Tokyo is the best example of a perfect metropolitan city. With such a large population, it has the most well maintained and probably best organized infrastructure and transportation system. Tokyo has vibrant nightlife, lowest crime rates, beautiful temples and wonderful natural as well as archaeological sites. With an impressive skyline, Tokyo has some best food, art galleries & museums, amusement parks like Disneyland and best real-life gaming experiences. For being the most futuristic city, Japan has to be in everyone’s travel bucket list.

For a compact Japan itinerary and complete travel guide, check out Travelbunny8

5- Great Barrier Reef, Australia

great barrier reef

Well we all know about the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem in the Kangaroo country of Australia. It is also the smallest Continent. Great Barrier Reef is over 344,400 square kilometers in area. No doubt, Australia has some best remarkable beauty with uninhabited Islands to such colorful marine life with 2900 individual reefs and charming cities. Including ‘The Great Barrier Reef,’ Australia is home to myriad flora and fauna. It is undoubtedly a paradise for every possible living species, backpackers, divers and for family holidays. Australia offers such diverse tourism varieties from Nature to Wildlife and Adventure, which makes it even more interesting to experience. Although, it is more popular for road trips which is most common among travellers.

For more inspiration photos and detailed post, check out Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

6 – Las Vegas & Grand Canyon- U.S (North America)

las vegas

Las Vegas is most popular for luxurious casinos, gambling on every corner, epic parties, glamorous streets, and strip clubs. For some reason, majority of the people call it the “Sin City” for obvious reasons. You don’t have to be a sinner to try that all but you must experience that once in your lifetime. And I am definitely going to be exploring Las Vegas soon.

grand canyon
Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash

Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes and 7 natural wonders for its dramatic scenery. This picturesque canyon is a major attraction in United States. It is a steep sided canyon which was carved by the river called Colorado River in Arizona. Honestly I can’t wait to go and see these two entirely different places in the same country. Although, there is so much more to explore in States but these two have to be in your checklist.

For more photos and information check out this Guide to Grand Canyon

7 – Cape Town, South Africa (Africa)

shark cage tour

Cape Town has been one of the world’s most beautiful cities and has so much to offer that you can live there forever without getting bored. From beaches to wildlife and mountains to heritage sites, it’s home to seals, penguins, white sharks and whales. Apart from its ‘Panorama landscapes’ and famous ‘Golden route’ drive, South Africa has some of the most adventurous tours in the world. This is probably the only place which serves such diverse experiences on one plate. South Africa has always been in my bucket list for its white shark cage tour, world’s highest bungee jump from a bridge, best winelands and outstanding surfing. Cape Town is one of its kind and you must explore this incredible travel destination. You can check out here to know why it should be in your bucket list.

8 – Migration in Masai Mara, Kenya (AFRICA)

Migration In Masai Mara

Masai Mara game reserve is the only and world’s largest migration of the animals on the planet. This is Africa’s greatest wildebeest migration from Masai Mara National reserve in Kenya to Serengeti in Tanzania with over a million of animals. Visiting Kenya during July-Nov to witness this great migration of mass wildebeest is an extraordinary amazing experience you can ever have. Safari in Africa is such a treat to eyes for wildlife as well as nature, travel experiences. It is said that there can be nothing better than an African Safari. And, I completely agree with that statement and you will see my post soon on African Safari soon. Indeed, Africa is the only continent on Earth which has the biggest and greatest National reserves for animals, and are open to tourists. You can check out this post here to know how right I am about this destination.

9 – Santorini in Greece (Europe)


My goodness! Santorini feels like Heaven on earth with its Blue dome and white gleaming houses and crystal clear water. Don’t take me wrong but I can go on and on about Santorini as this has been my most favorite Island destination so far. I haven’t yet figured out whether I am obsessed with Santorini or it is much more beautiful in real than its pictures. However, there’ definitely something magical about this Greek Island. Remember once you are there, you would never want to come back so pack your bags accordingly (hahahha). Unquestionably, you must visit Santorini once to experience the paradise while you’re still alive. Also, you can check out my Santorini post here for mind blowing pictures and more details.

10 – Petra, Jordan– Middle East ASIA

Yes, I had no choice other than combining them both as these two are the most outstanding places and cannot be compared. Another name for Petra is Rose City due to the blushing rose color of its rocks. It is considered among 7 New wonders of the world for its UNESCO world heritage sites. The ancient ruins found in this city of Jordan are from 300 B.C which consists of gorgeous looking tombs and temples carved out of pink sandstone rock. The place is unimaginably picturesque especially in the night when desert looks even prettier covered with glittery sky and sparkling stars.

11 – Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. You may find other names for this place such as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops. While growing up, “The Mummy” was one of my fav horror movies. And, that movie left some blurred pictures of these oldest pyramid region in my head (it was shot in Egypt). Egypt is a country full of fascinating history, ancient ruins, colorful culture and delicious food. I am sure most of us have Egypt in our travel bucket list.

For more detailed post on Egypt, check out.

Disclaimer – You may think I am biased about India and bragging too much about my own country but that’s so not true. Or may be I am, I don’t know. Lol ! Tell me in the comment box if you feel I am right about India.

12 – Golden Triangle, India -South Asia

taj mahal
Photo by Fahrul Azmi on Unsplash

I am from Delhi, India and have explored different parts of India. Golden Triangle is a tourist circuit which covers 3 cities : 1. New Delhi 2. Agra (State- Uttar Pradesh) and 3. Jaipur (State- Rajasthan) making it a triangle on the map. Everyone has heard of Taj Mahal – symbol of LOVE which is located in Agra. Grandeur Architectural sites from Mughal Empire in Delhi. And, many luxurious Royal Palaces of Kings and Forts from Golden age in Rajasthan.

Besides the Heritage sites, India is famous for its cultural diversity, mouth watering food, Traditional villages, colorful cities and festivals. I told you I might brag about my country a little over. But that’s what I get to hear about India from all the tourists I meet while traveling in different countries.

India is the only country in the world with most number of languages and cultures, religions, festivals, varieties of food, different film industries, different beliefs and different rituals from each other within the same country. I believe that I have justified why you must visit the ‘Golden Triangle -India’ once in your lifetime.


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