Is living in Dubai spoiling you

Burj Khalifa reminds me of living in Dubai
Burj Khalifa

What comes to your mind when you hear about living in Dubai? Isn’t it Luxury? I know, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Dubai is one of the youngest cities in the world and it has achieved so much in so little time. In fact, it is tagged with plenty of largest, tallest, biggest, fastest and many other superlatives. In this post, I will discuss with why I think living in Dubai spoiling you.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing my experience of living in Dubai and its lifestyle.

As an expat, I would concur that living in Dubai can be your best experience among all the cities. It doesn’t only provide extremely comfortable life but a luxurious lifestyle too. Having only 15 % locals and almost 85% expats from all around the globe makes it a multicultural city. Dubai is known for its widely diverse culture, ultra-modern architecture and luxury shopping with a vibrant nightlife.

hallway inside a mall
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

Note: Dubai is the largest and most populous emirate (state/city) followed by the capital city of Abu Dhabi in U.A.E. Please note that it is not a country as I find many people confuse it with a country.

My experience of living in Dubai

After spending 7-8 years in this glamorous city I feel that it has spoiled me in some way or the other. Every time I travel to a different city outside UAE I start missing a lot of things. I have realised that things which are considered basic and normal in Dubai, are completely unnecessary for rest of the world. ( I swear I am not exaggerating).

Standard of Living

shopping from such stores
Photo by Osama Saleh on Unsplash

Almost every residential building has Jacuzzi, swimming pool, gym, steam, sauna, gaming room and children play area. The infrastructure and architecture of the city is extremely impressive. You will be surprised to see the Air-Conditioned bus stops, driverless metro, 6 Lane roads, the speed limit and free WIFI. You get a 4 star hotel experience in a 3 star hotel in terms of property, amenities, rooms, facilities, location.

Tax-free & Crime-free

Yes, you heard it right there is no income tax in UAE and rest of the Middle East. Therefore, a job offer from any part of the world doesn’t excite us compared to the tax free salary we get here. Your contract also includes flight tickets and one month holiday annually, paid by the company. Dubai is ranked as the safest place in the world. Walking on the streets or going out alone in the midnight is part of our routine but we can’t think of doing outside U.A.E.


Instapic places if living in Dubai
Random Instagramic Spots

Whoaaa! Dubai is the cleanest city ever possible in the history of mankind. Not just Health department clean but Monica Clean (If you have ever watched F.RI.E.N.D.S). The Government takes it very seriously and spends so much money to keep the city clean which makes it more beautiful. No kidding, you can judge it yourself by visiting any public toilet, metro, beach, park or mosques. You will always find cleaning staff available.

Sports cars

With the fastest speed limit for driving you will see cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, RollsRoyce or Bugatti all around the city on daily basis which is pretty hard to see in any other city. In fact, the most expensive and extraordinary cars like Mercedes or Bentley are designed only for Dubai with customization like gold plated and diamond studded .

gold plated mercedes for locals in Dubai
Gold plated and diamonds studded Mercedes

Variety of Food

No Doubt that Dubai is famous for its rich and expensive lifestyle and so is the food here. The region is hub for tourists and businesses, offering wide range of Food from Asian, Arabic, American, European, Japanese to Korean. Having many food events like Dubai Food Festival and food streets in Global Village, Dubai has abundance of food varieties.

Arabic food for those living in Dubai


Let me explain, Dubai has hot desert, subtropical arid climate which means clear skies, 365 days sunshine and 24 hours Air conditioned lifestyle. We go crazy with happiness and = when it rains in Dubai which is very rare. Hence it gets very annoying for us to adjust (while traveling) in the places where we can’t get enough sunlight which is very common in northern countries.

#Tip : If you are traveling to Dubai for tourism purpose, do check the weather here before planning your trip.

Unique Architectural & Manmade Attractions on Earth

OH EM GEE” is what comes out of your mouth when you visit most of the places in Dubai. This city has the most stand-out architectural and spectacular man-made pieces that are on Guinness world record list. Some most iconic and eye-catching sights in city’s Skyline are Burj Khalifa (tallest building on earth), sail shaped Burj Al Arab (world’s third most luxurious hotel) and AtlantisThe Palm (first & only 7 star resort built on an island). Jumeirah Mosque, Miracle Garden (World’s largest topiary structure), IBN Battuta, Raffles Dubai, Gate Village, Princess Tower, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Emirates Tower, and Twisted tower can give you an idea how seriously the city takes its uniqueness and designs.

plane made of flowers to see when living in Dubai
Miracle Garden(50 million flowers & 250 million plants)
Burj al arab to be living in Dubai
Burj Al Arab (left) and Jumeirah Beach Hotel (right)


24 hours open supermarkets, restaurants, food deliveries, taxis & metro-during festive season, sparkling clean toilets, showers and changing rooms at the beaches. An extremely well planned and organized transportation system makes the whole city accessible and easily connected. There are super high tech self-driving cars like UDrive or Ekar which are cost effective and operated via phone (unlock nearby car, use, park and lock). These are part of our day to day life in Dubai which we take for granted but half of the world doesn’t even know about.

great transport system for people living in Dubai
Photo by Truman Adrian Lobato De Faria on Unsplash

Oops I forgot to mention about Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world providing taxi facility inside the mall to get from one side to another as it’s impossible to cover everything on foot.

Geographical Location

Being at almost the center of our flight trajectories, Dubai makes travelling shorter and easier to any part of the world from USA on one end to New Zealand on the other end of globe.

you get such clean beach if you live in dubai
Mamzar Public Beach

Home away from Home

It’s said that one should never forget his roots and that’s why I feel blessed to be living in Dubai. As I don’t face language barrier, I have many friends and relatives here, I get Indian food almost everywhere. Also, I visit my family and friends whenever I miss them (or vice–versa). Having mosques at a walking distance (every 350 meters by law) I practice my religion more efficiently. Moreover it’s about staying closer as well as connected with your motherland. Therefore, I can attend a wedding, festival, special occasion or any important event and come back the same day due to plenty of flights every day and short journey.

Home is where you feel safe and most comfortable and that’s why I call Dubai my Home away from Home.

Biggest diamond and heaviest gold ring in Dubai
Largest Gold Ring with Biggest Diamond

To explore more about Dubai and what it has to offer to tourists, you can visit Dubai bucket list tours.

Atlantis view if living or visiting Dubai
Atlantis – The Palm


    • Nikhar

      Yes, there is. Although I am not a fan of luxury and I live minimalist lifestyle but I love Dubai for many other reasons.

  • john

    Super post! Dubai looks like a great place to live and work. With no taxes are salaries a little lower there? I visited Dubai a couple of years ago and had a great time. You showed me there are a lot of great thing s I missed. Will have to go back. 😄

    • Nikhar

      Regarding salaries, I think it’s much higher in Dubai comparatively because normally it gets reduced by 30%-40% after taxes in other countries right.

  • Sundaram Chauhan

    Oh I loved the post. I know about Dubai for I have friends and relatives there, but the in-house details you’ve given. Awesome. You sure are going to get spoilt at a place this good, almost like a fairyland, isn’t it? I loved that garden, miracle garden? It looked awesome, so did every other building. You’ve a wonderful blog out here, bookmarked for future vacations. 😀…keep inspired. 🙏

  • caslee2000

    This was a wonderful post, especially right now! You were able to take me on a vacation while I’m still at home. I would love to visit Dubai, and it has been on my “bucket list” for some time. Thank you for sharing this post!

  • Rashid Khan

    WOW I mean amazing a true description of Dubai
    Great Work Nikhar Khan ur blogs have been fantastic #thumbs up for the effort
    It looks like u are living a lavish life over there

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