Super Easy Side Hustles to make 1 Million in an year

side hustles to make money

Do you think millionaires work really hard, harder than you and me to build that wealth? I had the same opinion until I came across the secret of making more money faster with side Hustles that millionaires don’t want you to know. These super easy side hustles made me 1 million INR in the very first year. How? Let me give you a quick flashback!

A very relatable story

I was stuck in an extremely exhausting office job. My life was running on autopilot from 9 to 9 for many years (I don’t know why people call it 9 to 5 when it’s really not). Even after working so hard, I wasn’t able to make the amount of money that I wanted to. I have had enough. I wanted to breath, relax and cherish all little moments that were passing by everyday. My health, relationships, social life, everything was getting neglected due to my time sucking job.

While researching about how to make REAL money, I came across some of the best Ideas that can make you quick money with zero to little efforts. With these Techniques you can make upto 15k AED/m (300K INR) if you seriously put your time and effort into it. Ever since I found these simple methods of earning money without having a job, I never looked back at working in an office again.

Note : I have listed 9 super easy side hustles to start making money from today that require minimal effort and skills.

side hustles to make money

Making more money with side Hustle vs. passive Income or Both?

Well, both are the ways of increasing your income.

Side hustle is any work you do along with your full time job for some extra money. Although, side hustles can only generate income as long as you are working, for example ‘tutoring‘.

Passive income is a one time investment of efforts and/or money. Using your time and expertise rightly can bring money to you day in day out. For example, you created a course and published it on multiple sites. Each sale will generate passive income for you without doing anything.

Disclaimer : To avoid a very lengthy post, I have broken it down into two parts (this one focuses only on Side Hustles).

9 Super Easy Side Hustle Ideas

1. Airbnb

Whether you own an apartment or live on a rented one, you can register your spare room or entire home on Airbnb. It’s like renting your room on per night basis. It is one of the best ways that offers fast cash.You can make an account, upload pictures of your room, add your account details and start taking bookings. It is literally that easy with unlimited advantages and flexibility than renting or subletting.

Living in a tourist hub like Dubai gave me the opportunity to earn almost 5k AED=100k INR/m through only one side hustle after quitting my job.

money received through side hustle
Only from 1 booking when I started

2. Ride-share Service

Isn’t it boring commuting to work everyday alone, what if you can turn it into a side hustle? You can make some new friends with some extra income on your way. It is same like carpooling but you get paid for driving others to work and back home. There are apps where you can register to provide car-lift/ride-share service and start flowing money to your account.

I used ride-share for my office commute for few years, paying 700 AED/m. Imagine the guy (car owner/driver) was making 700 AED from each passenger i.e. 56,000 INR/m extra income on your daily commute.

3. Local Guide

This involves your time and little effort, but if you like meeting new people, exchanging cultures and hanging out to cool places with international tourists, it can be a perfect side hustle for you. Register yourself on Airbnb Experience as a local tour guide for showing people around in your town or invite them for a unique experience at your home.

Turn your hobby into a side Hustle

4. Sell Stuff

Everyone has some unique skills whether it’s clicking awesome pictures or making handicraft items, why not sell your creation online. You can even sell your old books, clothes, shoes and make money with such easy side hustles.

5. Renting your car

If you own a car but doesnt use it often, why not making it a side hustle by renting your car. There are companies like Turo in U.S and Ola and Uber in India where you can register to rent your car and get paid every month.

6. Rent your Parking Space

Parking is the biggest problem in metro cities and people spend a good amount of money for car park. You can use this as an opportunity and earn money with your parking space. Sites where you can list your parking space are YoParker & Upark (India), Yallaparking & (Dubai) Just Park, Your Parking Space,  Park on my Driveway

In my neighborhood, an old couple with a big house and parking space of 10 cars, is making their living completely through side hustles no. 1, 5, 6 & 7 from this list.

7. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

My friend Lily loves dogs but she can’t own one due to her full time job. She used to miss having a dog so I suggested her to become a dog sitter in her spare time. Since then, she has been enjoying her time after work and weekends with cute adorable dogs and making extra 2000 AED = 40,000 INR/m through

Pet owners need someone to take care of their pets in their absence, pet sitters are life saviors in that situation.

8. Baby or House sitter

If you love kids and know how to take care of them, then you can earn fast cash doing babysitting. Besides babysitting, another best and easiest side hustle to make extra money is House sitting . People who often go on vacations or have more than one house, need someone to look after their place.

9. Personal Chef

Apart from being a foodie, the reason I prefer hiring personal chefs for my house parties is, to save myself from embarrassment ( I am a horrible cook). If you love cooking or want/wanted to become a chef, then this side hustle can make you some money. Simply register yourself and get yourself booked and show off your cooking skills at parties and events.

Today’s take away:

‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. Moreover, if you can’t save enough money, you will have to work until you die so learn how can you save more money.

You can make as much money as you want with multiple side hustles and get rich quicker. If you liked this post, please like, share and comment.

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