My Journey Of Becoming a Blogger

journey of a blogger
Journey of the Blog

Note: ‘My journey of becoming a blogger’ or ‘the journey of this blog’ mean the same in this post.

I had this dream of roaming around the world by being a travel professional since I was a child. But, adulthood crushed it and put me in a regular desk job. One day I realized while working that I had spent 9 years in travel planning and booking packages for others. Even though the job was okay but I always wanted to do that for myself. And, that was the turning point which lead me find my passion and that is how the journey of this blog commenced. 

How the journey of this blog began?

I started travelling by my own since 2012 and have traveled to more than 26 countries. But, the journey of this blog started in 2020 when I urged to find a space for my voice to share my knowledge and travel tips. As a blogger, I want to change your assumptions about travelling and give you 5 reasons Why you Must travel . Also, help you not to commit the same mistakes which I did, and in turn save your precious time and money.

journey of a blogger
Doune Castle, Scotland

Why do I Travel?

Travel is a new way of learning about different cultures which allows you to come out of your shell and teaches you acceptance. Another reason to travel is breaking the stereotypes about people which we have in our heads.

I was always inquisitive about our planet and wished to see every part of it. My dream is to visit everywhere from the tiny little islands to unexplored beaches, bustling and charming old cities to uninhabited ice covered continent. You know Antarctica right? Also, I like to challenge myself, push the boundaries and overcome my fears. The idea of travel excites me for getting an opportunity to meet interesting people, make new friends, eat various cuisines, see beautiful places. And, the best part is you feel truly independent and empowered.

Life as a wanderer feels happier than ever

journey of a blogger

What I have learned from Traveling ?

  • Traveling is about being brave and independent, not rich.
  • Travelling is the best institute to learn life lessons.
  • Travel unlocks your mind to new possibilities.
  • Adventure means getting another chance to live all over again.
  • Travel can lead you to break the barriers and overcome your fears.
  • Travel can help you to be the best version of yourself.

“So Much Of Who We Are Is Where We Have Been” – WILLIAM LANGEWIESCHE

person , bench, water

How to save for traveling the world?

Everyone has their own priorities in life and their expenditure reflects that. If you like gadgets you will save to get the new one. Similarly, you will cut down on expenses to save for your dream car. Although, there are folks who might just invest all the savings somewhere and see it grow. As I am passionate about travelling so I have set my priority straight. I divide my income into 1) expenses, 2) a big portion of saving is for travelling and 3) a little portion for the rainy day. This way I am able to save good amount of money every month.

Initially, it was difficult as I had to minimize my spending, cut down on my eating out routines and careless and impulsive shopping. But gradually it became very organic to me. This transformation of lifestyle had a great impact on me which made me the person I am today and I am very grateful for that. Travel is the most important part of my life now and I have learned to spend on things which truly makes my soul happy. Life demands little sacrifices and compromises here and there but make sure it’s worth the payback.

My plan is to motivate you to embark on your own travel journey, enjoy travelling and inspire others for the same lifestyle. I am not a travel guru who knows everything about everything but I want to learn and grow along the way (with loads of fun).

journey of a blogger

You want to know more ?  

I feel blessed to connect with you and wish to make a difference in your life even a little bit. As you keep scrolling down you will find so many relevant topics like Travel Benefits, how to travel on budget, how to take photos, how to plan a trip, dos and don’ts of traveling.

You are always welcome on commenting, joining me on Insta, Facebook or contact me via emails. Please Sign up for my best travel posts and get motivated by receiving my newsletters every month.

Feel free to ask any question, I will be happy to answer.

 “Let’s travel together & discover the unknown land”

journey of a blogger
Love Lock Bridge in Georgia


    • Akil

      Wonderful ! Everyone has their own reasons to kick off a global travel spree eh. As they say, it’s better late than never. Flicked you an DM on IG ! Let’s connect up eh.

  • Sana

    “A huge congratulations you Nikhar’’ I really give a big 👌 all that you did to make this your trip adventures and success. Your photography skills, itinerary plan , location mapping, selection of hotels and restaurants, spending quality time and personal attention to your self which shows in every pic. Wish to see more beautiful pic and read your travel stories again in near future. Best of Luck!!!

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