10 Bad Habits you need to get rid of, Now!

limit your screening time for changing bad habits

Bad habits don’t make you a bad person but prevent you from achieving your Goals. If you have clicked on this post then I assume that you want to change your bad habits. But in case you haven’t identified your bad habits yet then don’t worry, I am here to help you eliminate these toxic habits from your life. Before I start telling you how to turn your bad habits into good habits, I wanna confess that I was the same before. Yes, I was a lazy, unmotivated, aimless, unorganised, anxious chic with a collection of bad habits (Oops I think that’s too much personal information to give..LOL).

Why to change Bad Habits

Bad habits do exist in all of our lives which are damaging our growth and quality of life. A life full of toxicity is not a result of bad luck or circumstances but repeated bad choices and a negative mindset. If you crave for a life you really love then critically evaluate and work on your bad habits, else it will keep dragging you down.

The funny part about habits is that you don’t even realize while doing that. It’s like you are on autopilot. Bad habits quietly sneak in your life before you know it. By the time you realize that your fav jeans doesn’t fit you anymore, it’s time to get the bigger size already. You think you will take a quick break for 5-10 mins to check your phone while working or studying and guess what? It’s already one hour and you’re wondering “Where did the time go?” Sometimes, your medical reports have to shake you up and you ask yourself “How and when did that happen?”

Reverse the cycle of Bad Habits

To achieve higher goals in life, you must stop practicing these 10 bad habits. You might not realize your real potential but it’s much greater than your imagination and to build that, you need to reverse these bad habits into good ones. I am glad to share with you some secrets that helped me in my journey to quit bad habits for a better life. Below, I have listed 10 Bad habits that are not letting you succeed in life. And if you want to throw these Bad habits out of your life, let’s dive right into it.

1. Reckless Sleeping habit

Most of us are unaware that our bodies are designed to function as per the nature’s clock. Scientifically, 10pm-5am are the most critical hours when our body rests and repairs itself. By not sleeping on time, you are not only ruining your next day but also hampering your body’s biological machinery. Try waking up only half an hour early than previous day for a week until you make a habit of waking up at 5-6 AM. Below Tips can help you waking up early:

  • Jump out of bed within 5 mins
  • Make your bed immediately
  • Avoid using phone for at-least 2 hrs
  • Open your windows to get fresh air
make your bed for changing bad habits

#Tip: Your Phone is a culprit to influence your mood and thoughts instantly and turn you into a beast. Hence, don’t let it ruin the natural process of your brain.

2. Living in a Messy/Untidy Place

Who likes to live in a messy and untidy place? Not many of us but some of us are too lazy to clean up their place before starting to work. Understand that your space has the power to set your mood that is directly proportional to your productivity and efficiency. Clean environment does wonders for your psyche and keeps you happy, healthy and motivated.

  • Light up an aroma stick
  • Hang your clothes or put them in the laundry bag
  • Declutter your closet
  • Wash your dishes after eating
  • Grow Plants in every corner

#Tip: You can listen to music or podcast or audio books or news while cleaning and make it more interesting.

3. Enjoy Non-Stop Screening

Have you ever noticed, whenever you’re bored, anxious, stressed, sad, depressed, happy OR on a break, you tend to check your phone, open social media and keep scrolling down without any purpose. You don’t know what you’re looking for but you have trained your brain to do so. I keep notifications for only calls and critical apps. Instead of wasting time you may do following:

  • Write down your thoughts, Ideas
  • Challenge yourself with interesting personal projects
  • Find a Hobby
  • Read Books like autobiography, self help, finance etc

#Tip : Turn off your app notifications and set a limit to phone usage.

4. Fast Food Obsession

change bad habit of eating junk food

All of us crave for junk food every now and then. The easier it may seem to just grab your phone and order such unhealthy yet delicious looking processed fast food, the more dangerous it is in a long run. The biggest mistake we do, is eating unhealthy and untimely. Watch documentaries and research how it has been prepared and I bet you will never ever feel like eating the same crap. Don’t let yourself get fooled by these gigantic food chain’s marketing strategies.

  • Cook a Healthy Meal
  • Avoid eating at odd time
  • Skip Tea/ Coffee once
  • Have a bowl of raw fruits & veggies
  • Fast once in a while

#Tip: Notice the difference how your body and mind reacts after eating fast food and having a freshly home cooked meal.

5. Think you know it all

There are many people who think that they know everything about everything which is not possible in the first place. And even if they do (let’s just assume for once), have they implemented that knowledge in their own lives? There is so much to learn that a span of life is not enough so we must focus on upgrading ourselves and our lives. I recommend you to invest in your personal growth and development and do the following:

  • Gain More Knowledge on different topics
  • Learn new Skills
  • Take Online Courses

6. Lazy & Unproductive Routine

change bad habits by this sample day routine
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There are only two ways how your day goes, either you run a day or the day runs you. Read my post to get a detailed idea of a productive routine that can Transform your life. Remember ‘laziness is the biggest enemy’ of your success. With that said, I understand times when you don’t feel motivated & productive at all, try doing small tasks on such days that can push the momentum and influence you to attempt the most critical task. So start with:

  • Skin Care Routine
  • Make a list of your bad habits
  • Watch an inspirational movie
  • Audit your finance
  • Research about a country you want to travel

“I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it” – Estee Lauder

7. Taking Health for Granted

Do I have to say anything about ‘HEALTH‘? We all have heard it many times that ‘Health is Wealth’. But do we really worry about it or work on our health as passionately as we do for wealth? Living healthy doesn’t mean to change your lifestyle drastically but with few small changes you can achieve a healthier and improved life.

  • 15 -30 mins daily work-out
  • 8 Hours Sleep (especially 10pm- 5 am)
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water
  • No Packaged food, No refined food items
  • Replace soda/energy drinks with fresh juice & herbal teas
  • Healthy exposure to Sunlight

8. Stuck in your Comfort zone

Comfort is another term for not moving forward in life. When you are too comfortable to settle with what you have is when you put a full stop to your growth. Instead of working hard to make your dreams come true, you rather give up on your dreams. Everyone has a wishlist but only few have courage to get out of their comfort zone and live a life that they really love.

  • Make a wish list and work on achieving
  • Travel the world and get new perspective of life
  • Take responsibility of your family
  • Challenge yourself and overcome your fears

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want”Jim Rohn

9. Attracting negative thoughts

change your bad habits by replacing negative thoughts

Our thoughts are responsible for our development and improvement. Negative thoughts are built due to criticism, challenges, assumptions, insecurity, fear, anxiety etc. and directly linked to our happiness and situation. The more you feed it the more it attracts and grows. Negative thoughts bring low self esteem, bad mood, depression and builds up negative vibes. Surrounding yourself with negative people or being one is the worst thing you can do to your life.

  • Count your blessings
  • Pray or find your inner spirituality
  • Practice daily meditations
  • Shift your attention by watching funny videos
  • Play uplifting music

10. Happily Broke

My colleague Monica keeps saying how broke she is that she always has to borrow money if any emergency occurs (which is all the time). And deep down she is okay with that because she has developed this habit and she doesn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed that she doesn’t have money to afford a decent lifestyle. Trust me nobody likes and respects such people because it’s not her situation but her habit that is making her broke and unlikeable. If you can relate to her then you must read my post about How to save more Money in 2020 .

  • Get rid of your debts
  • Spend on what you deserve and can afford
  • Find ways to generate income
  • Research passive income ideas
  • Plan your investment

Changing bad habits may take time and efforts but it’s so sooo much worth it. Trust me, Nothing good ever happen to people who just sit and wait things to change for them. After all it’s we who can change our habits and eventually uplift our life and write our own success story .


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