5 Healthy & Quick Breakfast Recipes

 variety of quick breakfast items
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I wish I could have a gourmet breakfast every morning, sadly it’s not a practical goal in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Our mornings are usually super packed with hundreds and thousands of daily tasks. Hence, most of us either skip our breakfast or grab a granola bar rushing out of the door. Both ways you are pushing yourself away from a healthy lifestyle everyday. I understand many of us would not want to spend an hour in the morning to make breakfast. Don’t worry, the below recipes for quick breakfast are under 15 minutes only.

Tip# Next time, plan your weekly grocery considering the recipes you are going to try.

Table of Content

  • What is a balanced breakfast
  • Why healthy breakfast is so important
  • Quick & Easy breakfast Ideas

What is a Balanced Breakfast?

A balanced breakfast is a meal rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore, make sure your breakfast includes whole food items that are high in carbs and proteins such as grains, seeds, muesli, oats, eggs, buckwheat, quinoa, walnuts, almonds, whole wheat, black beans, chickpeas, lentils and list goes on.

  • Fiber – Whole grains, seeds, all fruits and vegetables.
  • Healthy Fats – Good fats are found in coconut oil, whole milk, dairy products (not low fat), chia seeds, nuts and avocado.
  • Complex Carbs– Oatmeal, sweet potato, multigrain cereal, quinoa, buckwheat, whole wheat and beetroot.
  • Protein – For protein rich diet, have whole milk , yoghurt, nuts, Legumes such as black beans, chickpeas, lentils, eggs, cheese and meat.
quick breakfast with a bowl full of fruits
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Why Healthy Breakfast is so important?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Well if Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then make it count. The science behind this is that you need to fuel your body before starting your day. Since there is a huge gap between our dinner and breakfast (on an average 10 to 13 hrs), our body requires a rich meal first thing in the morning. For me it’s a complete different reason though. Being a foodie, breakfast excites me to leave my bed early in the morning. Perhaps it’s only me who fantasises fancy breakfasts every night. As a result, I wake up everyday with a ‘big smile‘ and reward myself (for waking up early) with a delicious breakfast.

Delicious breakfast doesn’t mean those sugary pancakes, cookies, donuts or processed meat in form of sausage and salami.

Being an Indian, I had eaten all the fried, over cooked and spicy food all my life but not anymore (thank God). Ever since I started traveling around the world, I discovered how many healthy yet delicious (and less time consuming) breakfasts exist on this planet. Best part is that these super healthy and quick breakfast recipes require minimum ingredients which is a very unusual thing for an Indian as you need at least some million ingredients to cook an Indian meal,haha. No, seriously!

basket of bread with tea and coffee for quick breakfast
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Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas

Quick and easy breakfast does not mean that you are allowed to use market based sauces and pre-cooked food products like canned beans, frozen veggies, instant oats, processed cheese or sugar coated cornflakes with artificial color and preservatives. Having said that, I want you to minimize your consumption of unhealthy packaged products and try eating whole, unprocessed and fresh food as much as you can. As well as, you should always read the ingredients before purchasing the food products.

Over the past few years, I have been very observant towards what I eat, what I drink, what I wear, what I shop and so on. That has helped me change my lifestyle towards more healthy, organic and minimalist. For this reason, I buy freshly baked breads (such as whole wheat, multigrain, oatmeal, protein, six seeds etc.) instead of white bread and freshly roasted coffee beans in place of instant coffee mix. Therefore, these recipes are the best example of a balanced breakfast with minimum ingredients and maximum health benefits. Let’s dive into the top 5 quick Breakfast recipes that I love and I want you to try.

1. French Omelette

omelette, bread and tomatoes on a plate for quick breakfast

French omelette with a toast and roasted veggies (especially cherry tomatoes ) is one of my most favorite breakfasts that I usually have on weekends. This is as basic as it looks but definitely the tastiest. I have a very age old traditional recipe from my family (so you may call it my version of French omelette instead). No rocket science in this, just beat the whole egg with a teaspoon of milk, a teaspoon of butter, spoonful of cheese and a pinch of salt. I fry this mixer in ghee (clarified butter) and then sprinkle black pepper and chopped cilantro. You can side your omelette with sauteed veggies like mushroom, spinach, mashed potato or anything you love (only healthy) to give variation to your breakfast.

2. Muesli loaded with fruits

bowl filled with oats and fruits as quick breakfast
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Muesli is my all time favorite ‘go-to breakfast’ option when I am in a hurry or feeling lazy. Since I buy muesli that has no added sugar, no preservatives and no dried fruit chunks, I top it with loads of fresh fruits. One thing you must have known about me by now that I am a ‘No-Sugar’ or ‘Zero-Sugar’ person. That obviously doesn’t mean that I eat boring, unsweetened and tasteless food. Instead, my dose of sweetener comes from natural sources like dates, raisins, honey and fruits. That is why I like adding fresh berries, banana, mango and papaya to my bowl of muesli. You can add your favorite fruits to make it look more tempting plus full of nutrients.

3. Grilled Sandwich

a grilled sandwich for quick breakfast
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Sandwiches have many variations from a veg sandwich, egg sandwich, kebab sandwich, meatball sandwich to cold, grilled and baked sandwich and many more. I eat sandwich every alternative day as it’s my all time favorite ( you will know why). You can simply apply butter on the bread slices and put what all veggies you like with a pinch of salt, pepper and herbs. Avoid market based spreads or packaged sauces to keep it more healthy. I prefer fresh home made chatni (sauce) to make it extra flavorful and tasty.

The Story of a Sandwich Maker

I don’t know why I feel like telling this story today. Not very long long ago, there was this girl who used to make mouthwatering sandwiches. May be she wanted to open her own bakery one day or a food cart of hot yummy sandwiches. Everyone in her family started calling her S.M, stands for ‘Sandwich Maker’. Her little niece came up with that name for her. And when asked why, she said that she has always found her aunt making sandwiches at home. I know you already know who this girl is? Well yeah, that girl is me (you can laugh now if you haven’t yet).

For some reason, nobody in my family makes sandwiches and I have never cooked anything else at my home except sandwiches. Don’t take it wrong, I have expertise in sandwich making and I find it very easy, filling and tasty to have anytime of the day. Strangely, that’s the first thing I learned as a child from my dad as he used to make it so passionately with his creative designing with the tomato ketchup to make it interesting for us. Since then I just love sandwiches.

Wait, the most funny part of the story is yet to come. One day my sister introduced me to her colleague and told me that he was the perfect match for me. The reason she gave was that this guy was crazy about sandwiches and used to have sandwich in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can you believe that? What a parameter to measure compatibility, haha. Anyway, I am not sure if making sandwich is my passion or a sign of my poor cooking skills that doesn’t allow me to think of making something else besides sandwich. OK, the end!

4. Porridge topped with nuts

porridge with nuts on top for a quick breakfast
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Frankly it’s not my so favorite but it is definitely quick breakfast option. I have it once a week without fail for its nutritious value. My parents have been feeding us this porridge since forever especially in Ramadan to keep us full during fasting. By the way, let me tell you it’s not any random cereal but Bobs Red Mill 7 Grains Hot Cereal that alone contains wheat, rye, triticale, oats, oat bran, barley, brown rice and flaxseed. No doubt it’s so popular, easy and quick breakfast ever invented. You can add coconut milk, soy milk, cashew milk, almond milk or whatever you like. I cook it with full cream cows milk and top it with cinnamon powder, nuts and banana to make it more delicious.

You can buy it from here

5. Half Fry with Oatmeal Bread

half fried egg with a slice of bread for a quick breakfast
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How can you talk about breakfast and not talk about half fried egg. Half fried egg needs least efforts and a blink of eye to cook ( I like exaggerating, LOL). Anyway, I like my half fried egg with an oatmeal bread slice turned into a french toast underneath a layer of leafy greens with salt, red and black pepper sprinkled on top. I am sure it’s one of the fav breakfasts for many of us. When I look at the golden and runny yolk on top of the brown toasted bread, I feel ‘It’s Magical’. Isn’t it?

Take away

Breakfast is responsible for your overall performance and health. Not only it can make your day productive but can also transform your life gradually. So let’s start your mornings with healthy breakfast everyday.

If you have made it til here, I will take it as a compliment. Tell me in the comment box what’s your favorite breakfast?

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